In order to generate reliable EV charging service stations, quality site preparation, site qualification and professional station installation are key tools. To ensure that the installation of your station is cost efficient and operating at optimum performance levels, Brickell Energy has chosen local operations and maintenance partners to provide the highest level of service. Certified by ChargePoint and professionally trained, the team of personnel provides a FREE Site Qualification Survey (SQS) and competitive installation quote. Contact service@brickellenergy.com to request your FREE, no-obligation Site Qualification Survey.


ChargePoint’s smart charging stations deliver optimum flexibility when setting charging station policies. As a Station Owner, you’ll be able to control pricing, station visibility, access control, video displays, advertising messages, reservations, waiting list features and more. When you purchase our Station Activation and Configuration Services (SACS), a Brickell Energy specialist uses a personal approach to help you with the station activation and initial set-up. Based on their knowledge and experience, your Station Activation and Configuration Service purchase will allow you to get your station up and running both quickly and efficiently.


Annual Cloud Services Subscription provides station owners with access to the best set of analytic tools and data necessary to monitor your changing station usage, identify problems and assess whether your business goals are being met. These analytical tool allow you to easily add new stations, modify and design station policies, so you’re constantly meeting the ever changing needs of your business. If you don’t have the time or staff to handle the job, Brickell Energy has Station Management Service (SMS) capabilities for station owners who wish to outsource the everyday tasks. Our support team will put you on the right path when you begin with Station Activation and Configuration Service and Station Management Service. For a totally outsourced hands off EV charging experience, combine it with the Assure warranty solution.


High quality support and service begins with the best products. Here at Brickell Energy, we only offer state-of-the-art and reliable charging stations to our customers world-wide. As a matter of fact, ChargePoint stations have proven to deliver the most reliable operation and charging sessions. Our stations come with the best warranty program in the industry, the one year Assure Warranty is the industry’s first FREE parts and on-site labor warranty. This allows you one year of worry-free service. If a manufacturing defect is at the root of your station failure, your one year worry-free service provides you with onsite repair or replacement by our expert service team. Are you looking to extend your worry-free support? You may want to consider purchasing an addition one to four year Assure Warranty Service (AWS) plan for as little as 10% of list price per year.